(Electrical turning crane)

Year of manufacture 1958
Manufacturer VEB Schwermaschienenbau S.M. Kirow Leipzig
Manufacturing number 3011.2
Wheel arrangement Bo´Bo´
Type 101 / EDK 6m
Owner IGBw Dresden Altstadt e.V.
Museum's vehicle since  
Accessibility always
2020 04 04 8915 3

Technical Data

Length over buffers (mm)  
Complete wheelbase (mm)  
Diameter of driving wheel (mm)  
Height over rail (mm)  
Operating weight (including all supplies) (t) 62
Drive   Diesel electric
Maximum speed (own drive) (km/h) 3,6
Power (engine) (kW) 45,6
Generator type   S 200 L4
Power (generator) (kvA) 56,3
Axle load (t) 15,5
Maximum tractive effort on starting (Mp)  
Engine type   4 VD 14,4/12-1 SRL
Track gauge (mm) 1 435