Kö 0073

Year of manufacture 1933
Manufacturer Windhoff
Manufacturing number 241
Wheel arrangement B
Owner Dresden Traffic Museum
Museum's vehicle since 1996-07-31
Accessibility not always

Technical Data

Length over buffers (mm) 5 800
Complete wheelbase (mm)  
Diameter of driving wheel (mm) 800
Height over rail (mm) 2 900
Operating weight (including all supplies) (t) 7
Maximum speed (km/h) 20
Power (horse powers) 28
Brake type   foot brake
Axle load (t) 3,5
Maximum tractive effort on starting (Mp)  
Engine type    
Type of drive   mechanic
Track gauge (mm) 1 435

A part of the history

Delivering to DRG as Kö 0073 on 1933-12-23    
Take over on 1933-12-28    
at DRG as Kö 0073 from 1937-02-02 until 1949-09-06
at DB as Kö 0073 from 1949-09-07 until 1974-10-15
Shut down in Bw Osnabrück Hbf on 1951-01-08    
Schöma (Christoph Schöttler Maschinenfabrik GmbH), Diepholz (reconstruction, manufacturing No. 1883) in 195x    
Stadtwerke Andernach GmbH, Hafenbahn Andernach from 1956-05-16 until September 1974
Shut down in September 1974    
Private / VMD since 1996-07-31