9th Steam Engine Festival in Dresden
on April 7th, 8th and 9th, 2017
Topic: Passenger transport over the decades

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Information about the Steam Engine Festival

The 9th Dresden Steam Engine Festival took place between April 7th to 9th, 2017. The topic was "Passenger transport over the decades". Many special trains from all over Germany and the countries around came to Dresden. The locos where whisteling and puffing and our museum became alive once more.

People were able to see, smell and feel the former decades of loco technology. Everybody was invited to see how much maintenance a steam loco needs for work.

Highlights were the photo presentations on Friday and Saturday evening as well as the live music event "Dampf & Dixie" on Saturday in the newly opened roundhouse 4.

Some of our guest locos:

From Czeck Republic 93 1360, a Tender loco, built in 1927 in Austria-Hungaria, working for many years on the "Wutachtalbahn". Since 2016 owned by a private person in Czeck Repulic.

93 1360


2nd loco: 354.195, built in 1925 at ČKD, Tender loco for pessenger trains, owned by Railway Museum Lužná u Rakovníka. 



From the grand duchy Luxembourg: CFL 5519, owned by Luxembourg Railway, built in 1948 in Vienna-Floridsdorf, a heavy loco for freight trains, similar to DR type 42.

CFL 5519


01 1519, owned by "Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn", loco for fast pessenger trains. Photo: Dirk Voigt

01 1519


50 3648, owned by "Sächsisches Eisenbahnmuseum Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf e.V."

50 3648


35 1097: owned by "IG 58 3047 e.V. / PRESS", from Glauchau.

35 1097


03 1010, owned by "DB Museum Halle/Saale / Traditionsgemeinschaft Bw Halle P e.V.", from Halle/Saale, loco for fast pessenger trains.

03 1010


03 2155, owned by WFL, from Nossen

03 2155


52 8079, owned by "Dampf+"

52 8079


A second Reko-52: 52 8131, owned by WFL.

52 8131


01 2066, owned by "Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum Nördlingen"

01 2066


First time in Dresden: 50 3552, owned by "Museumseisenbahn Hanau e.V.", came together with CFL 5519 to Dresden-Altstadt. Photo: Markus Habermann / Museumseisenbahn Hanau e.V.

50 3552


And last but not least - our "Elli" E 77 10, pulling photo freight trains on Saturday and Sunday between Dresden-Friedrichstadt and Freital-Potschappel.

E 77