Media conference on the 10th Steam Engine Festival

The media conference on the 10th Steam Engine Festival was held on March 26, 2018, on board of a steam-hauled charter train. Numerous journalists participated in the excursion from Dresden Hauptbahnhof to Klingenberg-Colmnitz and back. The three co-organisers IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V., Verkehrsmuseum Dresden and Deutsche Bahn AG informed on this year's highlights, traditional and new topics of the festival. We cordially thank all the people involved and the sponsors of this marvellous event! 






Thank you very much, Johannes Mühle, for sharing your impressive photo of our train while we were bulling up the Tharandter Rampe!

Text: Dr. Christof Schröfl, Mitarbeiter Medien IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V., 27.03.2018

Steam locomotives as guests in Altstadt in the Advent time of 2017

Like every year, Dresden is a famous destination for vintage trains from numerous regions of Germany. Countless people can this way attend the Striezelmarkt or other local events in a very relaxed manner. The steam engines of these trains come to the Dresden Altstadt depot where members of the association Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V. supply them with water, coal, and enable further technical treatment. As an example, 03 1010 (DB Museum, Traditionsgemeinschaft Bw Halle P e.V.) came to Altstadt on December 9th, 2017.

On the other hand, some steam-hauled trains are operated from Dresden in those days. Their engines are as well regular guests in Altstadt, like was 23 1097 (IG 58 3047, Glauchau) on December 15th, 2017.

Beitrag: Dr. Christof Schröfl, Mitarbeiter Medien, IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V.

The "End-of-Season" festival, October 14th and 15th, 2017, was blessed by phantastic sunny weather. Numerous visitors joined the exhibition grounds and enjoyed footplate rides on E 77 10 and 50 3648, respectively. Some images below should keep alive the memory of these two eventful days. Many thanks as well to one videographer who allowed us to link his movie in this place:



Text: Dr. Christof Schröfl, Mitarbeiter Medien IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V.

October 3rd, 2017, saw E 77 10 operate a chartered vintage train from Dresden Hauptbahnhof to Bad Schandau and back. Some impressions of this marvellous excursion:

We cordially thank anybody who was involved in bringing this fabulous event to life!

Text: Dr. Christof Schröfl, Mitarbeiter Medien IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.v.

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, our association was invited to present historical railroad vehicles in the steel factory in Hainsberg on behalf of their annual public festival. Hauled by ITL's 106 006 - thank you, ITL, for this generous support! - the one and only Altenberger carriage of ISEG as well as 130 002 and ORT 188 202 of VMD travelled from Altstadt to Hainsberg.


Later the same day, our association took part in the Dresdner Museumsnacht, a coordinated programme of evening and late-night museums openings all over the city of Dresden. We were sponsored professional illumination by LMAkustik, thanks a lot!

Author: Dr. Christof Schröfl, IG Bw Dresden-Altstadt e.V.