ORT 188 202
(Power line revision vehicle)

Year of manufacture 1969
Manufacturer VEB Waggonbau Görlitz
Manufacturing number  
Wheel arrangement A1´2´
Genus ORT
Owner Dresden Traffic Museum (VMD)
Museum's vehicle since 1994
Accessibility not always

Technical Data

Length over buffers (mm) 19 300
Complete wheelbase (mm) 15 200
Diameter of driving wheel (mm) 950
Height over rail (mm) 4 400
Operating weight (including all supplies) (t) 43
Maximum speed (km/h) 80
Power (horse powers) 132
Brake type   K-GP m.Z. (Knorr)
Axle load (t) 15,6
Maximum tractive effort on starting (Mp) 27,5
Engine type   6 VD 18/15-1 Underfloor, laying
Type of drive   Diesel mechanic
ack gauge (mm) 1 435